Tuesday, September 25, 2012


i hear the rain on the leaves.
And also on the streets and rooftops falling.
there is a pinkness, a fog of cloud and light resting.
I am looking at a solumn sky, a silent sky with immoble parts,
waiting to be moved or touched, waiting to be noticed.
but i am not letting it know that i see.

the time is passing quickly now.
and the time is moving slowly.
in a direction, forward or backward, i do not know.

but the rain yes. is falling. yes.
and i am wearing flannel in my window in the dark for the first time.
watching you walk down the street like a stranger.
watching you sing to yourself as if you were alone.

there is a bubble in my language
that keeps me from being seen.
that keeps me from being heard
as I walk down the hall beside you.

the sun is on the other side of the world now.
someone has told me this.
and i am also a woman.
someone has told me this.
and i am sure that i am living in a world with names and letters and first names and figures.
somehow i know that.
but also somehow i am not sure.

i am writing words of nonsense. and i am writing words that organize into shapes which organize into places which organize into somewhere you have not visited before.
and i am drawing with my words
and singing with my words
and using them to ask you if you are still alive. and if you are really there
in the sun i heard was up somewhere
on the other side.

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