Sunday, September 16, 2012


There is alot of talk in the states about being made to work on Sundays. Some fight to have the day off, but most people don't mind the shift.
I often look at Sunday as another Saturday to get homework, house cleaning, writing etc. done. We run out to fast food for lunch, or to the store to do the week's grocery shopping. For many in the states it is a prep. day for the week.

In France however, if you waited until Sunday to do your shopping you would find yourself utterly stranded. Here in Pau literally nothing is open. Even L.Eclerc, which is the French equivalent of Walmart, is totally closed except for a small cafeteria upstairs where families can go to get lunch after church. The only people outside are people promenading with their dogs or families taking a walk or afternoon bike ride. This is what Sunday is for. Relaxing, taking a walk, maybe reading a book. Even if you aren't religious I think it is a good practice to have a day where you really don't do much of anything. I enjoy that this is a social norm here, so much so that it is publicly enforced. I couldn't go shopping for this week's groceries today even if I wanted to.
Dimanche is a day of rest. So take a walk, notice the seasons changing, read a book and take a nap.

And most importantly, don't feel guilty about it.

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